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Paper Maps

For paper maps and atlases, see my Recommended Route 66 Resources page.

Online State Maps

The following pages are from the Perry-Castañeda Map Library. Look especially for old road and city maps if they are available.



Kansas (not too helpful at these scales)



New Mexico




Digital Raster Graphics

Digital Raster Graphics (DRGs) are simply digital images of scanned topographic maps. They are usually TIFF images. DRGs can be viewed using image editors, and graphics programs, but are often too large for these programs. Instead, they work best when opened by map reading programs specially designed to handle large DRG images.

One excellent program for the Macintosh is GPSy. GPSy not only opens the DRG file, but lets you connect to a GPS receiver and track your position on the map in real time. The program also automatically calibrates the DRG for correct coordinates if a second file (called a TFW) is present in the same folder.

Below you will find links for state GIS web sites where you can download DRGs for free. They come in common topographic scales of 1:250000, 1:100000, and 1:24000. The first two are very good for driving along 66, especially since they often show 66 and not the interstates! The smaller scales also mean you don't have to change maps as often.

Why not buy one of the commercial programs that allow continuous tracking via a CD? Well, National Geographic is great (in fact I have California), but it would cost $800 to buy all the Route 66 states! The DRGs are free. You can't beat that price. Other programs which rely on vector data for roads, often have quite extreme errors as you are driving. The calibrated DRG topographic maps, on the other hand, are dead on target.

Illinois - Illinois Natural Resources Geospatial Data Clearinghouse

Missouri - Missori Spatial Data Information Service

Kansas - all of Route 66 is on one 7.5 minute quad (Baxter Springs Quad).
Download the whole compressed file here: ftp://clone.kgs.ku.edu/gisdata/drg/drg_utm/24k/row02/0260_utm.zip

Oklahoma - U of Oklahoma Geo Information Services
Select "Data", then select "By Map" or "By Name" on left.

Texas - Texas Natural Resources Information System (1:24000 DRGs)
1:250000 scale maps, 1:100000 scale maps

New Mexico - Search and Rescue Resources

Arizona - Arizona Regional Image Archive

California - California Spatial Information Library


Online Topographic Maps

Good for planning and research.



Route 66 Maps and Directions

Swa Frantzen, a Route 66 e-Group member, has assembled a great set of directions and maps, in addition to other pieces of helpful information.

Historic Route 66 - Road Description


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